The Yin & Yang of Walking

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walking by what one was given at birth
Walking by "fair means" is the most rewarding and natural way to increase health, awareness, beauty as well as emotional and physical strength. It has to be done in high altitude, right at the limit of what you can take from:
fire (from the sun),
water (from the rivers),
earth (to walk and sleep on),
air (dry and windy) - and the famous "fifth" element:
Akash (that what you encounter when the air gets thinner in high altitude.)

Basically, it is "Akash" what enriches you during our walks. As higher we get there's more Akash and less physical air. That is why physical strength doesn't mean anything in high altitudes, only equilibrium of the body and the mind. Only in high altitude you can "bath" in it - automatically. That's why it is so rewarding to be there and as closer you let yourself move towards all these elements, as more you will take back - again effortless, except your wonderful physical movements across the most unique landscape.

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