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TV Documentary
55 min.


This is all about the cows, the oxen and bulls of India and why the cow is not "holy" or "sacred" but regarded as "special" in the Indian context. Sacred is only the bull, Nandi, the vehicle of Shiva.

When the British came to India they saw all these bovines roaming freely in the bazars, streets and cities and thought they must be cows, albeit they were not. Real milk giving cows one hardly sees roaming freely, it's the young ones, the old and out of milk ones.

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian nation, wrote extensively on the cow and its "Five Gifts" the men, hence it became ridiculed as "Holy Cow."

But the story of the cow, the ox, the bull is much deeper and extensively intertwined with Indian history and surprisingly even with the roots of Western civilization. The story of the domestication of animals changed the face of the world forever.

This film takes the "Holy Cow" of India as an example and explains in beautiful and riveting pictures the far reaching story of an animal, which mostly is overlooked, hardly noticed or nowadays locked up in highly automated farms, but nourishes billions of people the world over with its "gifts" every day.