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The Dalai Lama is definitely a "bridge builder" - from East to West, from one to the other, from one side of yourself to another side of yourself. As profession, his passport simply states: "monk." If asked too complex a question he always replies: "I don't know, I am a simple monk!" Governments receive him mostly as "spiritual leader," many people think of him as an "enlightened leader," but he always falls back to: "I don't know about "these" things!"

His authentic understatement is in pleasant contrast to the silly hype around us. And yet, he has a status far beyond a "simple monk": his smile and laughter as well as some boyish charm opened the doors to the world. From the Nobel Prize for Peace to the White House, from parliaments to governments to presidents, he visited, greeted, talked, lectured and mostly had an inviting laugh for all.

Only his homeland remains shut. China doesn't like the laughing monk in red robes. He is not even allowed to reincarnate on Chinese territory without prior permission. It seems he is destined to grace the rest of the world with his presence as long as he is alive.

Once asked, if there could be a female Dalai Lama in the future, he replied: "Why not, if she is beautiful!" He is not a man of dogma - in most cases - that makes him fit so wonderfully into the Western world, which is filled with "correctness" of all sorts from the cradle to the grave.

His "preaching by laughter" is exceptional, because it comes from the guts, it is "real" because it is authentic to the person, he didn't learn it in an Ivy League school nor was he "professionally" trained in it: he simply was born with humor!

We don't understand this yet, but he will be remembered in history for a long time to come.

I feel honored to have worked in his presence.
Interview for Mongolian TV