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TV Documentary
45 min.


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This film was shot over the last four years in a small area of the Western Himalayas called Spiti and Ladakh. It shows how Tibetan Medicine is practiced in its indigenous environment.

Herbal medicine is all made by hand and knowledge is passed on directly from one generation to the next.

Mostly we went on foot and followed the ancient caravan routes across the high passes, sometimes well over 15,000 feet. Local pack animals carried our equipment.

There was never enough
power to recharge the cameras, even with sunlight.

Trekking in the Himalayas for a long time strengthens the awareness and sensitivities to understand the subject matter so deeply rooted in the land and its culture.

People here are not so different from us but they don’t talk a lot about themselves or their problems easily.

Therefore Himalayan Doctors work more with pulse and plants than with instruments.