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Austrian born Andy Maleta studied Tibetan language and Buddhism in the beginning of the '70s in Dharamsala, India, stayed in Almora, next to the late Lama Govinda and lived near Kasar Devi, a home also for Timothy Leary, R.D. Laing and Sunyata, the famous Brother of Silence.

As a foreign correspondent he later lived in Cairo, Egypt and again New Delhi, India. He made films mainly on Indian subjects, like the
«Holy Cow!», the caste system: «Kasten, Klassen, Klans» and the Himalayas, like the «Yin & Yang of Walking», «The Buddha of Compassion» and «Himalayan Doctors.»

Apart from documentaries for TV he produces promotional and other DVDs for corporate clients and institutions.

Currently he is working on the second part of his «Himalayan Doctors» series which focuses mainly on what current "evidence based medicine" can adopt (or has already integrated) from ancient medical knowledge.